October 28, 2012

Where Your True Friends Lie

High School.

It is so full of: 1. the people you despise, 2. secretly hate with a burning passion, 3. your best friends, 4. your REAL best friends, 5. then the people that drift in and out of  your life.
we all have at least one of each, if not then MANY..

I know I have a couple of the first two, my usual group on the third, my guy friends as the fourth, and then the few people that tend to annoy me, but I'm hardly around them to notice.

unfortunately, no one should notice the details, or the fact that who you THINK are your friends, guess what. They aren't. If you fell, they would laugh, probably not help you up, unless you begged them to. so lets do some scenarios:

1) Your boyfriend is a total jerk to your ex, but you and your ex are still good friends.
-1 don't care
-2 pretend to care
-3 sit there and say that your ex totally deserves it, and not to dump him
-4 tell you he is an a** and say you need to break up with him because he DOESN'T deserve you
-5 meh *just kinda listen to you*

~okay lets just compare 3 and 4 from now on~

2) you trip, and hurt yourself (with your instrument!)
-3 ohmahgod! are you okay? *doesn't help you up*
-4 hahahahaha-are you okay?-hahahahahahaha *eventually helps you up... when your all done laughing :D*

3) you're really depressed lately about stuff
-3 are you tired?
-4 *awkward shifting* are you okay? You've been acting different lately...

so you see the difference is huge. so next time watch all the signs girls. its really annoying when you have to put up with crap from you're so-called friends. trust me, that has been my life lately.. only it was example 1 and 3, #2 happened to my ex, who is still my awesome friend.


So that's about it for now, I just really needed to vent. but if you guys ever need help with anything, shoot me a question! if anyone even reads these..

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