January 26, 2013

Catching Up Part 1

so wow... I know it has been forever.. so this is gonna be a LOOOONNNGGGG post.. :D

where to begin...

I guess from homecoming. so this kid "David" we'll call him. at homecoming since "Michael" didn't even go, I dance with David for the last dance. It was sweet, though it was forced by my friend who is a junior. I later believed I like David, so it was like 11 at night, and I texted Michael (because I was at J's house and the girls didn't know yet) and he said to follow my heart. He knew it was between him and David. I'm pretty sure that is the only reason he decided to help me.  But so at that moment I decided it was David. Over a week later I was hearing rumors that David was going to ask me out. It took some more time and "Danny" (he shows up later) gave him some cute cheesy poem to read to me: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I really want to go out with you" after he said it I blushed like mad!!! I said yes, and I hugged him, and on our way over to our friends, I switched my Ireland ring around to show that I was officially taken :) But all was not well in my Paradise. Since at this point the play was still in preparation, Michael and I still saw each other after school. And him and my guy friends from lunch were telling me things, things that I really did need to hear. They told me how David was getting to be a huge jerk to them. and I'm sorry, you don't do that to my friends. Girls or Guys. So the day before the matinee, I lost my voice. so I was using a mini white board to communicate, and I had been trying to break up with him for almost a week, but I never saw him! so I had to do it the b!tchy way... On the white board... During his lunch... Michael knew why I didn't talk, and a friend wrote it down for me cause I had never broken up with someone before, and so I showed it to him... Michael laughed in almost astonishment, and David looked at him in a curious way, like 'what do you know that I don't?' and Michael explained I lost my voice. Then I left.

Another relationship unsuccessful and finished.

Oh jeez there so much, I don't know if I'm gonna fit it all/ want to type it all in one night.

Okay well we will continue with an almost final Michael moment. (there are almost 3? in this last one...)

It was a cold day for our pre-game practice, we were going to play with the 8th graders from the middle schools that feed into our school. I arrived slightly late and I was wearing a tank top and jeans with under armor underneath said jeans. Soon into the practice (like the beginning) it started raining... and in Michigan when it rains, it is generally cold... and this cold was like slight hail cold.. I was really affected by it though, I wasn't shivering, but I knew my arms were definitely numb. We had run pre-game once, and I ALWAYS watched drumline kinda cause of Michael, and also to keep the beat in my head, and we were waiting cause they were doing something, and I caught Michaels gaze, more like stare though. This kid was wearing under armor everything and a hoodie, he looked at me with this face of SHOCK, and he and I started mouthing words to each other.. stuff like what are you doing... where is your hoodie... I pointed to the school... and right before we did the alma mater without drumline obviously he just shook his head. So I shrugged my arms, I was fine! So it was almost over, we were ALMOST DONE! we were just running pre-game one more time, and we are waiting to be called to attention on the side of the field, I'm socializing with other clarinets and all of a sudden, Michael comes walking over, I don't see him till he is like right next to me, and he throws his hoodie at me and either told me I was stupid or an idiot (because I didn't wear a hoodie) at first I was jus like, what just happened?? Then I was like, woah... He gave me his hoodie :3... Then I was having my good friend at the time hold my clarinet, and I was putting on his hoodie. I didn't think I needed it, but Oh God. When I put that thing on, IT WAS SO WARM! okay normal girls would have been like yay~ it smells jus like him, but honestly, I can't even remember his specific "scent" I think it might have just been clean, and good. but I can't remember! but that moment, I dunno if he was doing it cause he is genuinely a nice guy, or because he liked me... but I didn't care :)

OOOH so during the play practice one day, I have a bed for the show, and Michael is on tech, I wasn't on stage at that point actually for the rest of the show... I left to go get my band pic taken, and as I was getting ready, my phone receives a text, he was like where are you type of thing, and I told him i would be right back, and when I got back he and I were literally laying in my stage bed (back stage) and he was like haha we are in bed together >:) and I was like :o and I'm with David right now!!! we laughed and had a good time :)

The final Michael moment is like the end for me and him... THE FIGHT

I don't even know what it was about but in short, we fought, we tried to be friends again, but we are too alike, and it just wasn't working, now it is a we talk occasionally type of thing. Like we'll talk during tech stuff but that is it... Oh yeah, I joined tech for the spring musical! yeah... Life has changed... and this is only part one. I will type up and release another part of the catching up. honestly... I don't know if I would have preferred life if I was different, or if certain fights didn't happen.

I'll explain more on those later though
See ya
Blonde Band Chick OUT!