August 31, 2012

Where are you?

wow. so my ex and I have been hanging out and all the stuff from Cedar Point, and just yeah. BUT I don't know if I even have the ABILITY to hate him.

ya see guys, here is a really good tip. If you and your recent ex are still good friends, and you are in the band together, and she is nice to you and stuff. DON'T tell one of her best friends in the band that you like her. Because either she still likes you, and when she finds out she will be a mix between heartbroken and PISSED OFF. or she is over you, but is still kind of upset that you like her best friend. so just don't. it's a bad idea, and even if you like this chick, just keep it to yourself. Your ex might still like you. SO JUST DON'T!!!

so how do I feel? honestly, pretty angry, and upset; but mainly hurt

how did I react? well, I didn't hear it from him. I heard it from my friend. I was just in shock at first, and then after a while I just well I sobbed! what was I supposed to do? I just accidentally told the kid I still kinda like him, and how I find out he likes my FRIEND! I really am just frustrated.

but at 11:11 I have a new wish. instead of wishing to get back together, or be better friends. I wished for a new guy. a cute, nice one. one who won't say I'm rude, or bossy, but instead would work with me on NOT being that way. One that will still help me when I'm in trouble or being picked on. One that I can trust. ENTIRELY. One who won't make me cry. Who would be worth the tears but never make me shed them. One who I can actually be well compatible with...

but where is he?

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