September 7, 2012

Boys. School. Marching Band.

So much news!

Girly side: so there is this really cute boy in my lunch! He is friends with my friends in marching band, one is in cymbals and the other in trumpet, and he is so cool :3 he is chill, nice, and loves music, but doesn't know how to play an instrument... Is that allowed for the band kids???

On The Band side: so apparently on Fridays the band literally goes through the halls of the entire school doing the cadence! It is so fun! Except then I get to 1st period all sweaty. It is mainly intended to get the school pumped for the varsity football game that night. The problem is that no one was really getting into it, they were just like 'oh mah Gosh. It's those lame bandos' I personally find this SUPER offensive, we are actually really cool, and honestly more fun the the other kids in my classes.

On the school side: so my classes kinda are weird. I got math first period: I am so abnormally quiet in this class, but most of them are sophomores (note I'm a freshman) and I'm pretty sure they think band is nerdy :( . Second period I have english: my friend who is in concert band is in there an I have a friend who is also in my block science class, and so not really any band kids in there (I always miss them so). Third and fourth periods my Block Science: let's see, I know a couple kids, none of them band :(. LUNCH: the cute boy :3 my friends who are on cymbals and then the one on trumpet (yay band kids :D) Fifth period, BAND: so obviously a lot of band kids, my ex, my bestie, my creepy friend who we all love anyway, and so on anon and on. LAST PERIOD, French: so I have my friend who my ex still likes... But we're really good friends an we just talk about OTHER guys and stuff. Then the day is over :)

So. Ex wise... Well. I'm getting over him. Turns out my friend doesn't even like him. But I am still (hopefully) good friends with him. It's really crazy. High school is so difficult. If anyone can answer me on this? If you have any advice and youre reading this. Please help :)

TOMORROW IS ARTS AND APPLES!!! I'm so happy, even though I don't get to sleep in :/ it's gonna rock though!!!

Blonde band chick out!

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