August 30, 2012

What do I do?

So, the past few days... I still don't know what to do...

The other day I was craving some serious chocolate. So I made chocolate chips cookies then posted about it on Facebook for randomness. And so my guy friend was commenting on it, so I said I would bring some cookies and he could have one. Then AFTER practice my ex, he commented on it and so I offered to bring him a cookie to, for yesterday.

Then I waited for him to show up and find me, I saw him but my friend was talking to me, and the next thing I knew he was gone! So now I feel kinda bad about not trying to find him... But I told him to find me today before or after practice and I would give him the cookie. My problem is, it's just so awkward between us! Maybe it's just me. But I know I'm not over him and I hope he isn't over me yet. I dunno... 

Maybe it's the pms talking here but... Half the time I think I am completely over him. But the rest of the time I am not at all...

I don't know how to react, or even what to think anymore... :/

But in a band update, today is our 5-9 rehearsal, then the clarinet section is have a "sectional" pool party! But what sucks is my summer homework is due tonight at midnight, and I have barely started... my way through this assignment for la.

And tomorrow is our rehearsal at 4 then a picnic at 5 and our first game at 7!!!

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